Guest List check-in

If you’re tired of using sign-in sheets to track your guests onsite then we can help. Our event check-in tool has been built by event professionals who have worked in the event management industry. Our offering consists of an app and an event website. The app is used to scan barcodes on badges using the camera or by using RFID which is now commonly found on most smart phones. With RFID we can tap and track your guests as they move around the event and provide real-time reports via our website. If you don't want to use RFID you can always send QR code invitations too.

Before the event we will assist you with any badging requirements you may have, we have a wide range of options for badging as well as RFID enabled wristbands.

Step 1

Upload your guests via a spreadsheet on to our website. Here you can manage every aspect of the event including:

  • What sessions people are expected to attend
  • Add any late arrivals
  • See where your delegates are at any time
  • Download reports

Step 2

Use the app to scan badges with barcodes or tap RFID enabled badges. All the data collected on the app will sync to the website in real-time* *provided there is signal and a minimum 2g connection.

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